March 7, 2024

Why we invested in Reach Security

AI to transform how companies optimize the use of their existing security products

By Barmak Meftah, Co-founder and General Partner

As investors, we’re always on the lookout for innovative companies that not only understand the world’s top cybersecurity challenges but are actively working to change the game. That is why Ballistic Ventures is proud to lead the $20M investment in Reach Security, a company that is revolutionizing the cybersecurity landscape – introducing the first AI platform purpose-built to drive value out of existing cybersecurity investments.

One of the key reasons we decided to invest in Reach Security is their unique approach. Unlike many companies that focus on selling new security products, Reach is dedicated to helping organizations maximize the ROI of their existing investments. This focus on optimization rather than accumulation aligns well with our investment theses for effective cybersecurity.

Another reason we were drawn to Reach Security is the strength of their leadership team. Co-founders Garrett Hamilton and Colt Blackmore deeply understand the industry, working at some of the top cyber companies in the market, including Palo Alto Networks and Proofpoint. Their knowledge of the challenges facing security teams today, combined with their track record of building successful products, makes them the perfect team to lead Reach Security to success.

One final, but very compelling reason we decided to invest in Reach Security is the impact their technology is already having on the industry. Sebastian Goodwin, Global CISO of Autodesk, and Reach customer, noted, “We’ve seen firsthand how Reach’s platform increases our visibility and optimizes our security stack, providing our teams with capabilities to measurably maximize our effectiveness. Reach has offered a valuable capability that helps my team realize Autodesk’s mission to be the most trusted partner in the industries we serve.”

Using purpose-built AI to reprogram an organization’s security infrastructure based on a unique profile of who they are and how they’re being attacked, Reach helps companies make mission-critical decisions with confidence. This level of insight and customization is something that has been sorely lacking in our industry, and we believe Reach is poised to fill that gap.

Our investment in Reach Security is not just a bet on their technology; it’s a bet on the future of our industry. We believe that Reach has the potential to change the way organizations approach cybersecurity, creating a more efficient and effective way to tackle risk posture and return on investment. We’re incredibly excited to be a part of their journey and look forward to seeing the impact they will undoubtedly have on the industry.

Be sure to check them out at Reach.Security.