March 12, 2024

Why we invested in Codezero

Revolutionizing secure multi-cloud application development

By Roger Thornton, Co-founder and General Partner

We at Ballistic Ventures are constantly seeking out companies that not only address critical security challenges but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry. Our recent investment in Codezero, the innovator in secure enterprise microservices development, exemplifies this commitment to supporting new solutions that redefine the status quo – and break down traditional barriers between code development and secure design.

Announced today, Codezero’s $3.5 million seed funding round marks a significant milestone in their journey to reimagine multi-cloud, collaborative microservices development. Led by Ballistic Ventures, this investment not only underscores our confidence in Codezero’s vision, but it also highlights our commitment to fostering innovation in our field.

The Developer Security Problem

One of the key reasons why we decided to invest in Codezero is their innovative approach to solving the “developer security problem.” This problem comes from the complex set of risks and vulnerabilities that developers face when they require elevated permissions to create, manage, and deploy software and infrastructure. This situation is fraught with unintended risks, given that developers often need access to various staging and production systems.

Codezero addresses this challenge with Teamspaces, its identity-aware overlay network that allows developers to create environments consisting of services spanning local, cloud, and even their colleagues’ computers. This approach eliminates the need for developers to have direct access to credentials or knowledge about the underlying infrastructure, making them vastly more productive and able to deliver higher-quality code faster. By providing a locally accessible ephemeral environment that is identical to production, Codezero ensures that developers can collaborate safely and seamlessly across multiple cloud vendors and global locations.

Aligning with Ballistic’s Investment Themes

Our investment in Codezero aligns with two of our core investment themes. First is the “Shift-Left” security theme – where Codezero provides a scalable and manageable approach to securing multi-cloud application development. Second is the “Zero Trust” approach to provisioning developer access – where Codezero’s Teamspaces ensures that only authorized individuals can access critical resources.

Empowering DevOps Teams

At Ballistic Ventures, we are particularly excited about Codezero’s mission to empower DevOps teams with collaborative, multi-cloud infrastructure that prioritizes both security and developer productivity. As former operators in the field, we deeply understand the importance of balancing security and productivity in today’s fast-paced digital world. Codezero’s innovative approach not only streamlines the development process but also enhances the overall security posture of organizations, making it a strategic investment for us.

We are excited to partner with the phenomenal Codezero team and look forward to supporting the impact they’ll have on our industry.