November 16, 2022

Why we invested in ArmorCode

The industry’s leading AppSecOps platform

By Barmak Meftah, Co-founder and General Partner

Today organizations everywhere are looking for ways to build security into the fabric of their applications without compromising speed of development.

That’s where ArmorCode comes in. Co-founded by Nikhil Gupta, the former co-founder and CEO of Avid Secure (acquired by Sophos in 2019), and Anant Misra, a decades-long software development expert, ArmorCode launched to help organizations ship their applications quickly and securely.

That’s why Ballistic Ventures is proud to announce our investment in ArmorCode. Under Gupta and Misra’s leadership, ArmorCode has built an industry-leading AppSecOps platform that allows for application security teams to have full visibility and orchestration, while providing a unified view into their application security posture – and on top of it all, the company has incredible market traction and impressive customer adoption.

Safer apps from a single platform

ArmorCode is the only platform on the market that enables organizations to scale AppSec posture, compliance and vulnerability management, and DevSecOps workflow automation – all from a single platform. Here’s what they offer customers:

  • A single AppSecOps platform combining AppSec posture management, DevSecOps workflow automation, universal vulnerability management, and continuous compliance in a single solution
  • 360° DevSecOps ecosystem integration, with out-of-the-box integrations with over 150 security, development and operational products and systems
  • No-code DevSecOps workflow and SLA automation, enabling the creation, sharing, management and tracking of SLAs and automated DevSecOps workflows to effectively “shift left” and scale AppSec success
  • An extensive and extensible AppSec knowledge base to scale best practices to all developers and AppSec team members

Better visibility, with a focus on security – organization-wide

ArmorCode is already helping customers get visibility across all of their applications, APIs and microservices in their environments to avoid blind spots and improve security. And they’re getting results – from fast-growing cloud-native companies to many of the top brands in media and entertainment, hotels and resorts, consulting, and more; and from smaller enterprises with a hundred developers to those with 10,000+ developers. 

Companies like Shutterfly and Snapdocs are already using ArmorCode to measure and improve application security posture, coverage and compliance, while empowering development and Ops teams to ship and deploy more secure code, faster – all without increased security staffing, developer training or workload. ArmorCode also eliminates manual, repetitive and low-value work across the DevSecOps pipeline and lets AppSec teams enroll and enable their development teams as security partners – scaling AppSec effectiveness and impact by 10x or more across the organization. 

Move fast – safer than ever 

More than ever before, companies need their applications to ship fast, secure and compliant. Ballistic’s investment in ArmorCode underscores our belief in the vital importance of improving AppSec and breaking down the silos separating development, security and operations. We look forward to offering support and sharing perspectives with ArmorCode as they scale, helping more organizations around the globe prioritize their AppSec posture.